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Vang is a Ray-Marching Voxel Engine developed by me!



Development started in November 2022 and has been going strong ever since. I have been able use the engine for my bachelor’s thesis for my 2024 graduation from Drexel University. The goal of the paper is to is to demonstrate a more efficient to ray-march a large voxel scene than traditional methods such as using a voxel octree or standard plane-assisted ray marching.

Here are a few showcases of some of the engine’s features:

Vang Releases
All releases for Vang
Greedy Cuboid Optimization
Grouping similar blocks into one large cuboid for more efficient ray traversal
Accurate Glass Refractions
When rays enter and exit glass, the direction changes
Basic Volumetric Fog
Fog is represented with a block that a ray can travel though
Plane-Assisted Ray Marching
Rays travel block by block until they hit a block and a color is returned